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By documenting successful work methods, construction and civil engineering companies can take advantage of experiences and transfer them from one project to another. This avoids the construction of prototypes and facilitates industrialization of construction.

With well-worked planning, good personal safety and reasonable work load are achieved while the work is organised smartly and cost-effectively.

ByggAi.se is developed in collaboration with the construction industry and has been initiated and supported by the Swedish Construction Federation. Many construction companies have made their knowledge and projects available.

The work instructions developed for ByggAi are designed to be used in detailed planning and work preparation on construction and civil engineering projects.

Workplace-adapted learning
The work instructions have been developed for use by supervisors for “on site training” as a basis for working preparations, in the introduction of new materials, methods and equipment.
The work instructions are used by many and there is a constant desire to develop more.

Future development – notification of interest
The website is administered by Mats Persson at Malmö University.

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