Innovation of the year 2008

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Would you like to contribute to the development of ByggAi? Contact was appointed by SBUF Svenska Byggbranschens the Innovation of the year 2008. The prize was handed over at a banquet at the Engineering Science Academy in Stockholm.

SBUF’s motivation for the prize of Innovation of the Year:

The project deals with an issue that is central to construction companies – to improve the planning of construction production – and provides great industry benefit, partly by contributing to added value in the form of higher quality, lower costs and improved working environment.

The project also tests innovative ways of disseminating information to construction sites and building training through the website

A meritorious and experienced work with the development of systematic work instructions that have been going on for several years, which is now being highlighted by the Award of the Year Innovation 2008 for the latest project in the series !!!

Kunskaper till byggarbetsplatsen