Work instructions

These work instructions (WI) are created to be used in the construction and civil works processes for detailed planning and preparation of work tasks (arbetsberedning).

Well prepared and planned works will raise the level of personal security, lower the ergonomic risks and at the same time achieve organizational  advantages and efficiency.

Find relevant work instructions

The work instructions at ByggAi are all linked as PDF. You can select WI in the submeny for this section by:

  • opening a complete list containing all WI here: Complete list
  • the meny item namned after building parts och type of works

Working instructions scheme

The work instructions are sorted according to a commonly used scheme called Byggdelstabellen (the scheme of building parts). This correspond to how the planning and preparation is structured at  early stages of a construction project.

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Each work instruction at ByggAi contains four main compartments:

Pre-conditions – definitions and basics as well as demands on the result and outcome of the work task

Preparation  – basic works, preparations, information and controls at work place before performing the work.

Self-inspection – a plan for control activities before, during and after the work performance.

Execution – describing the performance of the work, step by step, in words and pictures

How to use the work instructions

The work instructions (WI) are equally structured PDF-files. The information can be to be found by scrolling the  documents or by using interactive navigation.

It´s a good idea to use printed WI for participants at work preparation meetings.

Please remember that the WI only should be use as a guideline during work preparation activities. It´s necessary to use use the actual project circumstances in work preparation.

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